Amethyst & Garnet Spinning Ring
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Amethyst & Garnet Spinning Ring

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This beautiful amethyst and garnet spinning ring is a stylish and unique way to add a touch of colour and healing energy to your everyday look. Amethyst is the February birthstone and is said to promote peace, clarity, and spiritual awareness. Garnet is the January birthstone and is said to enhance vitality, courage, and passion.

The ring is made of sterling silver and features two sterling silver bands with round gemstones separated by a gold-fill band. The amethyst is a deep purple colour, while the garnet is a rich red colour. The three bands move freely round the 12mm sterling silver ring.

A spinning ring is a great way to fidget and relieve stress. It can also be used as a meditation tool to help you focus and centre yourself. The ring is made to order.

These rings can be made in any size. If your ring size is not listed below please just add a note at checkout or send me an email with you preferred size.

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